The Gay Wrestler who makes Adult Films for Charity

It may not be for everyone, there are a few valid reasons to start a Gay Cam Chat page and get started showing off the goods.

Extra income comes to mind right off the bat, but possibly the rush of producing revealing content for lovers to respect also brings a certain thrill.

Regardless of the reason, we surely aren’t judging. But for openly homosexual wrestler Dave Marshall, the decision to get intimate on camera came out of a desire to help others, and not in the way that you’d expect. The 29-year-old clarified that his boyfriend encouraged him to open an OnlyFans webpage, the platform that makes it possible for people to share adult content into paying subscribers. The relationship finally stopped, but the thought stuck.

Only Marshall wanted to do something somewhat different. When he’s not taking it off for charity, Marshall can be found wrestling for the Perth-based Southen Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance.

“Wrestling’d always been the reason I got into fitness and can be a large part of what keeps me going,” he told GSN. “I wanted to be a wrestler since I was 10 and am finally living the dream.”



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Kostenloser Sex Chat

Kostenloser Sex Chat

As an escort, I have had my fair share of strange festive requests. There are the typical ones such as,”I want you to dress in a rubber Mrs Claus outfit”. They are often quite particular – right down to the sort of shoes, color of the underwear, as well as the depth of the tights.

Escorts see customers on a one-to-one foundation – that could be for anything from dinner and a chat to complete sex. ‘Sex workers’ is an umbrella term that refers to anyone working within the sex industry. The web site includes a feedback system, which means that you can see what other escorts have said about their previous clients. Once I have confirmed a customer, we pre-agree everything through email; not just what I will wear, but also exactly what the sex acts will be. I had one Christmas customer who asked if he could delight me with candy canes. I clearly said no – you are likely to have a UTI or yeast infection if you start putting sugary treats up there, so it is not a fantastic idea.

Christmas is a busy period for an escort. Everyone’s in a celebratory mood and my customers will have put a little money aside to treat themselves. I meet them at a resort or, if they fancy watching me for a complete weekend, I will book a serviced apartment. Occasionally they come directly from doing their Christmas shopping, laden with bags of gifts for their families.

I have been a sex worker for approximately seven years now. I got to the industry via webcamming – that I began doing while I was studying anthropology at college. I had a job to finance my diploma and wanted something with flexible hours that I could fit around my research. People essentially pay you to talk to them online and, occasionally, take off your clothes. It was quite well compensated, as not that many people did it, but the sector has gotten really saturated and now it is much more difficult to earn anything.

I began dating sugar daddies about a year to the entire camming thing. At the moment, it was this surreal underground world of wealthy bankers and teenaged university students. They would take me to members clubs in the City and Michelin-starred restaurants. Purchasing the business of a young woman for the day was an ego boost for them as purchasing a round of expensive shots to their buddies.

I come from a working class background, I had never seen places like those – it was an eye-opening encounter. I did sleep with a few of these, so finally escorting — in the manner I do it today, where customers can book a couple of hours of my time — seemed like the natural measure. I have multiple revenue streams – escorting is one, pornography is just another – I like to think of it as a portfolio career.

The first time I met a customer, I was nervous. I have never been shy about being naked, so that part did not worry me. I was just worried it may be awkward. I also concerned about practical things – who would undress who? What if my clip-in hair extensions dropped out? With the sugar daddies, I had gotten to know them a bit, we had had dinners – it felt more like a traditional dating situation. Now, however, it would be a good deal more transactional.

I read up a lot ahead on how to stay safe as a sex worker and made sure I understood what the law stated (in England it’s not illegal to sell or pay for sex), and what I could do if something went wrong.

He asked me to look elegant, commendable , and also to wear whole make-up. Walking to the hotel, I ran through what I’d do and say, I had a situation worked out in my mind. When it came to it, the sex itself was unremarkable, like the type you could have using a one-night stand but the guy was nice. I had been in and out within thirty minutes.

In a normal week, I might have anywhere between one and 20 customers. And my prices vary – on the summer that I lower them since business is slower, I guess because people are going on vacation. Or I put them up if BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission and sadism and masochism) is involved, as I could be left with bruises and marks on my body later.

Sometimes I really do feel vulnerable. Recently, I moved to a man’s house and when I walked in, I realised there was no furniture. My heart began pounding, although he quickly explained that it was because he had just moved in. I have had my share of bad experiences. I feel like, when I am discussing sex work, there is pressure to be”the happy hooker” who enjoys her job and always has type respectful customers or to discuss horrible experiences. It’s tough to get a balance. The reality is, it is a nuanced conversation, occasionally there are bad days, but more often than not it is fine.

I believe Christmas is an emotional time for many us – to get an escort this means that there is far more emotional labour involved. Often, I end up hearing a lot of failing marriages, loneliness and work pressures. Once, a client booked me a couple of days before Christmas. We went to a beautiful hotel, had a couple of drinks and then he broke down. He had been going through a divorce and it was the first Christmas that he’d be spending without his children. I guess in those circumstances, if you have been married for quite a long time, you probably don’t have that many impartial friends you can talk to. I truly felt for him.

I am not a therapist, and likely not equipped to provide advice on those issues, but you would need to be pretty heartless not to console somebody who’s going through such a difficult time.

It’s made me think about how folks approach relationships. When I hear some of those stories I think,’Well, if you had been open with your spouse, and spoke about your wants and desires, you may not be in this position’. It has made me see the value of honesty and communication in relationships and think carefully about how I could make my own work.

All this uncertainty over Brexit is having an effect on business. I have a great deal of friends in the business and they are all saying the exact same thing: there are fewer customers and they are more careful with their money. When the economy appears shaky, individuals are less inclined to spend on luxury goods and services.

Meanwhile, I am just going to enjoy my Christmas. I have stopped working today, though I might see a few customers between Christmas and New Year. On 25 December itself, I am using a sex workers’ get-together in London. I have hired a serviced apartment with a couple friends that are also in the market, and we are going to have a beautiful family-style Christmas. I can not wait to get back to

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Lutheran Church Approves Porn

A notable progressive pastor has stated seeing pornography is just fine, especially if it is”ethically sourced pornography.”

That site recently published a lengthy interview with the female warrior where she shared some of her pro-LGBT and pro-pornography remarks.

Consumption of porn should not be shamed
“I refused to select the low-hanging’Moral Outrage Fruit’ of Liberals and Conservatives about pornography,” said the tattooed pastor. “Now, there are issues of justice and manipulation inside the porn industry, no question, but it does not mean consumption of porn ought to be shamed.”

“There’s ethically sourced pornography,” continued the Colorado pastor. “There are those who say it is sexual immorality, but if you take Liberals and those who show outrage and made a Venn diagram of people who consume porn, you would see a massive overlap.”

“I am not going to pity people when they feel embarrassed,” announced Bolz-Weber, who asserts,”If we took shame from how people like to see sensual imagery, the compulsive behavior around consuming porn would decrease.”

Insists that the’teachings of the church’ would be the problem
“If the teachings of the church are harming individuals, then we will need to rethink those teachings,” said Bolz-Weber.

How ridiculous.

Exposing the ELCA, a site that’s critical of the teachings and pastoral practices of the Lutheran sub-denomination, explains Bolz-Weber because its most famous pastor, writer, and speaker, noting that she had been chosen to talk to 31,000 ELCA teenagers at a summer youth conference.

“This is false teaching and individuals will need to get out from under their direction,” declares Exposing the ELCA.

“And things are going to get worse,” continues the report. “With the approaching launch of Nadia’s new book, you can be assured that this is only the start of upsetting and Bible-defying instructing ELCA leaders and members will eat.”

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Porn Star Disputes Arrest

Cindy Taylor, 38, who’s also called Jesse Jane, was arrested the day of November 10 by Norman Police for public intoxication, less than an hour following the yearly Bedlam school football video game in Norman, and booked in the Cleveland County Detention Center. Recently published body camera footage of Taylor’s arrest shows police officers trying for many minutes to locate the celebrity a ride home, asking if she’d money for a taxi or someone to pick her up.

But, according to a police report, after being not able to give police with a telephone number, without money and drunk to the point”that she couldn’t give (the officer) a legitimate answer to some of those questions (the officer) asked her,” she had been arrested on a civil charge of public intoxication.

Following News 4 aired a story Thursday about the recently released footage of the actress’ arrest, she contacted News 4 claiming she was not drunk, but drugged.

“When I was taken in, they were going to book me and things, but I was released because I’d been drugged. And it was clear that I’d been drugged. I never spent the night in jail, I never really got arrested,” said Taylor, in a telephone interview with News 4 Friday afternoon.

But, Norman Police and the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office affirm Taylor was arrested and convicted.

Taylor said she had two drinks with a girlfriend in a Campus Corner pub and blacked out before being found almost a mile away in downtown Norman.

“I did not even come into consciousness before someone was trying to hold me up and fingerprint me,” said Taylor, who in a prior telephone call with News 4 Friday morning admitted to being detained, but said she was immediately released after asserting the prison conducted a toxicology test revealing she was drugged. But prison officials inform News 4 toxicology screens are not done in the prison and when News 4 talked with Taylor Friday afternoon, she changed her story.

“Yeah, then I got a drug test and revealed I was roofied,” Taylor said. “I had a drug test in the small store that you receive the drug test ”

When asked what shop that has been, Taylor said she moved into a CVS pharmacy, and didn’t have a test done by law enforcement.

News 4 requested Taylor several times when she had filed a police report on her claim that she had been drugged, every time sidestepping the question, but said she was going to Norman civil court”to clear up everything.” Norman Police said it’s no record of a police record with Taylor’s claim, besides her arrest report.

“So I do know it will look bad. The Vegas thing, yes, I had been drugged. Trust me, I do know it seems bad. I am not sitting here trying to act like I am an innocent person, you understand?” She said, referring to a similar story when Taylor was videotaped, passed out on the vegas strip in 2015.

“I am sitting here being honest with you and I acknowledge it, I have been drunk before. That’s why I only want to clear up everything.”

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