YouPorn Bans Starbucks

Starbucks, after a couple of years of asserting it would, has prohibited pornography seeing on its free WiFi. The business built a filter which would nevertheless allow mature content when obstructing straight up porn. Porn purveyor YouPorn has amusingly reacted by banning Starbucks coffee in its own offices.

I can’t imagine there’ll be somebody walking around the office, slapping lattes from people’s hands. This is obviously being sent as a tiny lolz in the executive team over at YouPorn.

My take is that individuals shouldn’t be watching porn in public. So banning it in a public location by means of a content filter is not a horrible idea.

It is cute that YouPorn is slipping to the dialogue about what is and what is not acceptable online content to consume in people, but it is not the ideal take because watching porn in public is just damn creepy. Drinking branded coffee at the office isn’t. It is still a funny take however, as lately websites like Pornhub and YouPorn are becoming a little more mainstream. There’s actually some articles, like gambling insights posts which may unintentionally be blocked by the sort of content filters Starbucks is initializing.